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We understand the need to driver results, real tangible results that delivers profit. Our promise is that you'll profit from working with us. Let's work together to make that happen.


I'm Raja

I am a digital marketing consultant from London, UK. I been helping businesses and individuals alike to navigate their way online for over 10 years.

At university my friends would say "I've got a guy who can do that", which I did while I was studying Business & Marketing helping people with their websites, creating strategies to sell their products.

What started out as something a marketing nerd like me loved doing in my spare time soon became serious when I started making money for them.

Word spread and I became obsessed with everything to do with marketing. That was 2004 fast forward today and I love what I do even more today.

Now I help local businesses and international brands cut through the noise of digital media to be found, to be heard and have their products and services at the top of people minds.

Essentially I help businesses create experiences that captures their markets attention, acquire value from their interaction with their brand and profit from conversion.


Expect honest, jargon-free communication between myself and your business. Often many concepts and ideas are made complicated for no valuable reason. It's often used to make something sound intelligent. 

But the real skill is in teaching complex ideas and distilling them into simple, easy to understand and practical steps that can be implemented. Less theory more action.

As your consultant I immerse myself in understanding your business, finding the real problems you're facing. Whether that is customer acquisition, brand position or developing growth strategies to increase your reach or improving your overall profit. 

There is one skill in particular that gives me an unfair advantage over others and that's to analyse, identify and strategise a thorough digital marketing plan that is not only implementable but the result is measured in profit and not in metrics. 

I often speak on the subject.

After all -  "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - Leonardo Da Vinci. 

I am here to help, so bring us your toughest marketing questions.